A journey through the regions of Italy to discover the history, traditions and people who give life to the great Italian extra virgin olive oils IGP and DOP.

A selection of organic Italian extra virgin olive oils suitable for every dish. Unique oils, made through blends of the best national cultivar.

A collection of organic extra virgin olive oils enriched with natural organic aromas of the typical fragrances of our lands that make Italian cuisine unique in the world.

Un olio biologico selezionato, un blend nato dalla nostra esperienza, leggero e versatile, confezionato in bottiglie da 100 ml in ceramica in nove colori, riutilizzabili in casa, per rallegrare le nostre tavole. 

A selection of Italian monovarietal organic oils: special and unique, which enclose the flavor, color and scent of that fruit, the sun, the wind and the land where it was born and the energy and passion of those who have it cultivated.

An organic extra virgin olive oil with a very high content of polyphenols and tocopherols, powerful antioxidants capable of protecting and strengthening our body in a natural, effective and pleasant way on the palate.

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